Monday, 10 June 2013


Summer has arrived to Dublin and it only means one thing: BBQ season is ON. It is indeed fascinating how prone people is in here to spend time outdoors, and it does not matter how cozy the gardens are or how "small" these grills appears to be (against a Parrilla its very small) they manage to enjoy a whole day among friends, seizing the sun, and drinking whatever there is to drink. Alcohol is a must. 

So after an interesting friday night at The Workmans, saturday came and it was time for Wayne's BBQ in his cottage down in Donnybrook. I met Wayne a month ago, i was supposed to move to his house but since i had to wait until end of June to do so and i could not wait, i ended up looking for another place and the rest is history. So i went over to Waynes, and the place was all settled for a gorgeous day at the beach, he putted a lot of effort in the whole BBQ set-up so it was (as locals say) WHOPPER!. In there i met Alain and Valentin, two french guys living in Dublin. Since we were the "foreigners" we bond instantly and start drinking white, then red, and then moved up to rum. We had some burgers, meatballs and porkchops as we get to know the locals (who as always were friendly) and by 11 pm the french guys and i were in the mood of some nightlife so we headed towards town in the pursuit of happiness.

For sunday Finn and Eva invited me over their new house-warm BBQ. For their new house i got them a platter and a wine opener. Nothing special really, except from the fact that they were Le Cruiset, so they were bleeding great. They're foodies and Eva seems to be quite a wino, so it all will be used (and thats all that matters). Since they are veggies, it was BYO meat. So not to repeat i went to Fallon & Byrne, a local store that offers rare good quality goods. Slightly over priced, but still a good option to shop once a month or so. As i had red meat the day before, my choice for sunday was whole french quails (messy yummy bastards!), Duck breast (which i did not ate! was so full and totally forgot it. such a waste) and toulouse sausages. I made some wakamole and once i got there, made some stuffed peppers with cheese, onions and egg.  Every single one of us was in some sort of hang over state (or sick) but that did not stopped us from trying Eva's "Lemonade": 1 part citron vodka, 1 part ginger syrup, loads of ice and cider. LOVELY drink. Dangerous thou. Finally, walk back home really tired. (Should stop drinking that much) and another good-weekend went by. 

Wayne's Cottage front door set-up


BBQ days

Im quite excited about the gigs coming. And while im waiting for the big fat festivals, i've decided to look up for smallers bands and singers and i fand Sorcha Richardson, a cute irish singer based in NYC who's coming to town next Saturday to play in The Workmans.


  1. I love your post! It makes me wanna go to Dublin! :)

  2. Wanna go to Dublin. This is my first time on your blog, and I love it. Keep writing, Pablo ! :)