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I've decided to write in english from now on. As many other aspects of my day to day living, my language has changed. And even though my thoughts are still in spanish, it is becoming pretty usual for me to find  myself talking in english to people that speak spanish. That being said, i'd like to follow this post by telling you guys about my last few weeks in Ireland. 

As i mentioned in my last post, i lived with Ellen during the first month or so here in Dublin. During that month, i had to do TONS of paperwork in order to get my visa/work permit and pps number (Personal Public Service). After that i set myself in the search of two very important things that any expat has to do asap after arrival. First of all, looking for a place to live. The second? start looking for a job. Well, one cold sunday of April i found myself with a HUGE hangover heading towards Dublin's city centre to a viewing. Since i had plenty of time i decided to have a proper, greasy breakfast, the kind thats you NEED after a wild night. So i ended up in Gallagher's Bistro. A lovely restaurant located in front of Trinity College at a lovely old building called the D'olier Chambers built in 1891. After having a couple eggs benedict, rashers, chunk fries aside and orange juice, I was ready to go to see that apartment. But as i was ordering the check a thought came to me "it wouldn't hurt to leave your cv here, would it?" and so i did. I asked for the chef. He came, and immediately start asking me if i had me knives, me uniform, me safety shoes. (luckily i had all of them) so i he said "ill wait you next monday at 10", thats how i landed that first job. The apartment didn't work. But i had a job already. 

That week started with me working 12 straight hours during the first couple of days. And with Ellen telling me that she had her place already booked for the next week so i should find a place soon. But working 12 hours and look for a place are not compatible so i wasn't really much into it, except for a few texts sent out at late hours. As the week went by, the Chef (Aidan) was getting quite stressful about things. I must confess i wasn't really into it, my mind was with the apartment thing. Still i wasn't bad, at all. He decided to fire another guy because he was absent for a few days without advice, and that day was particularly an awkward situation.  From that point it was all downhill. Starting from the time that i called him "Aidan" and he gave me a weird look and said "Aidan? who's Aidan? ME kitchen, im CHEF" (by then i was like WHAT THE FUCK?!) It's ok if you want me to call you "chef", but there are ways and ways. That wasn't a good one. By friday thing weren't getting any better and on top of that, i forgot my chef jacket. He made me come back to get it (20 euros taxi fare) when i came back he told me. Im not that happy with you, you have to show me why i have to hire you today, i want you to work faster. And so i did. By 7pm he told me "Are you able to come back tomorrow at 10?" -"Yes Chef" was my answer, but i was fed up with him already.
I headed out, and went to a lovely coffee down the quays called Dux&co. Beautiful place. I order for a table of cheeses and a chai late. Feeling worn out and miserable i fand myself wondering if i should leave a cv there. I really wanted to. I realise that i wasn't happy, it just didn't feel like i putting up with this guy. After that i went to see this place in Temple Bar, a 3 bedroom apartment to share with two irish guys, and it turned out to be really nice, with a big kitchen area (always important). 

As a goodbye-roomie thing Ellen and i travel to Wicklow to a wild food tasting. Then we spent the night at Ellen mom's soon to be an amazing B&B in Akrow's countryside with a breathtaking scenery sorrounding the place. Ellen mom's a gastronomer, focused on the impact that food has on culture and vice-versa. The day after that we travel a bit more to Ferns for Liam's naming ceremony. With so much traveling i had some time to update my journal. I spent the whole travel to Ferns writing. When we got there we walked to Megan's family farm (Megan was a good friend of Ellen, and the mother of gorgeous 8 years old toddler, Liam).  In there, i met Fintan who was a Chef working for a catering company. As i was telling him my story, he totally got my point and said something like "some guys are totally blind by fame and power"  and followed up with "we're always needing people so if you're interested send me your cv". We came back to Dublin and i called the guys from Temple Bar and told them i wanted the place, they told me if i can wait until monday, and so i did. By monday i had a place. And no job. 

Monday was the day i moved into the house on Essex Street East. The day i met Andrew and Oisin (my flatmates) and their friends Geoffrey, Omar and Thomas. They invited me to play golf with them and even though i've never played real size golf, it sounded fun enough to try. I sucked at it. I came up in last place +99 (ten above the last before me) but it was under 100's and they said that was good enough for a rookie. After we went to Phoenix park, sitted in the grass, seize the sun while we watched a Cricquet game and enjoy some fancy smoke. The first one i did in Ireland. I wasn't in the mood of start looking for a job right away, i needed to finish some paperwork first so i did those and then i took a small vacations and went to Ibiza to visit my friends German, Eduardo and Imanol. 

Since it wasn't the high season, my travel was more focused on the nature's part of the island, beaches and sunbathing, although we had some party and i got to know Pacha. It was indeed a crazy week, with not as much party as i would have expected but with loads of wine and sangria. I came back to Dublin with the mind focused on getting a job. So there was no time to lose. I sent my cv to Fintan and wait for the best. Meanwhile i kept hangin' out with my flatmate's gang (clique). I am really amazed and grateful towards them because they let me in instantly. And it made things so much easier for me and my adaptation process. It all reached a peak last friday. I was called to start working on N(umber)6 on the Royal College of Physicians. It is an old building that apart from being a College is also a renown (and posh) wedding venue. It also host many corporate events and those kind of things. It wasn't that busy, just 8o people but it was grand. After work i had to ran to the apartment since it was Omar goodbye party. 

Omar was the guy living in my room before i did. And he is an IT, vegetarian, with some serious skills for baking, quite a foodie i dare to say. At least, he's not one of those vegetarians that survive on pasta and pizza. He seems to be also, the kind soul of the group. That guy that holds the group together even thou he's not the most crazy one, nor the most outgoing. At least that's what i perceived from others people reaction to his departure (he's going to Canada). He also seems to be quite neat. And that makes him kinda like the guy that kept the house in order before i was here. So he gave me a few tips on how to deal with the guys whenever they get nasty. 

But honestly they hadn't been that bad. Oisin is (fill the blank) -he trains the managers of this coffee chain- so he's not around much, or he's with her girlfriend. He just keep most of his "filth" in his bedroom and cleans whenever he's free. The other day he had free and he cleaned the whole place by himself (something that neither me nor andrew had done so far). Andrew has been also as Omar, the other kind soul of the group. And he was the one taking me in and introducing me to all the guys and girls in the gang. He's also a tazmania devil when it comes to order. He's just leaving a mess everywhere he goes to the point it becomes funny just to watch. But to tell you the thruth, as he said to me once "he'll get things done" and whenever he sees you're doing any cleaning he's always offering a helping hand or start cleaning himself. That had made living with them quite easy actually. They don't complain much about me taking their food (i dont do it that often) and i dont mind them taking mine (but they don't do it as often either) so its kinda the perfect balance so far. At nights we let the inner nerds go out and spent time watching a film, telly, Game of Thrones or just playing videogames. They even join me watching Nacional's matches on the computer! 

Last sunday the whole gang got together to go to Forbidden Fruit festival. And i think that was like the gang saying "welcome Pablo". We got together with Becca (pretty much our neighbor) to brunch and then walk to Geoffrey's at Smithsfields. In there we met Geoff, Phil (Oisin brother, also used to lived in the apartment once) his girlfriend Eva, and his sister Aine. Later came Ferdi. We start warming up the engines with some booze (It's not a cliché, irish people do love their drinking and im trying to catch up) and Aine got some food, that actually seemed really good. (Geoff's Egg Muffins were a joy to behold, im sorry dude, im gonna copy that sooner or later) At 4-5 we were on our way to the Festival. We got there, took our yokes and enjoy the festival the best way possible... drinking loads of booze and dancing to good music. We met Liam and Thomas that were in the festival. Later came Ferdi's wife (i can't seem to remind her name). They all missed Omar, we took a picture for him. Becca asked me phone to add me to the groups Whatsapp group. I was in. (and happy) We get into the spinning swings and i couldn't help but feeling like Charlie (from the Perks of Being a Wallflower) when he said he's feeling "infinite". I was euphoric, and high as a kite. It was a really good moment though. I haven't felt that way in quite a while.  

-It shouldn't take that long to get over someone...

After that we saw Chic, and dance to 70's tunes with a smile on our faces. Honouring Omar but trying not to think about him leaving (even thou everyone couldn't do it and were well aware of that fact, specially Ferdi) and the we went dancing to the tunes of Daphni... WHOPPER! At 23 or so, the festival ended and i was having a really good foodie chat with Eva, who seems to be quite a good chef and as foodies i can tell we'll get along really well. Then the after party in the Button Factory, where Thomas (maybe the guy that i had seen the least) was being really nice to me and introducing me to all of his friends and other kind stuff. After that i talked a lot with Geoff - really cool guy- who had the Mr. Gatsby vibe going on (he was being too serious and uptight, sitting in an arm chair quietly drinking his beer) talking about drugs and music and all of a sudden (as it always happens in Ireland) the whole thing just ended. I didn't matter how excited i was, it was off. No more party. Such a shame. And i was alone, the battery gone. But since i was close to home it did not matter. Went home, saw Macker (Andrew) wasted in the couch. Went for a few slices of pizza from DiFontaine just around the corner to share with him cause he seem to be needing some food and then went to bed. 

All in all i think thats a good review of the last month, a really good (and happy) one as you might have read (if you made it all the way through here)... Hope you liked it. 


Liam about to face the Piñata

Ibiza from the sky

Dessert time at RCPI


Journaling on the road

The farm in Ferns

RCPI hall
Ir order: Some guy guy glasses, Ferdi, Becca and Aine in front, Cool beard guy?, Andrew, Geoffrey on the back with arm wide open, Phin and me on the left shouting "Goodbye Omar!" to upload into whatsapp group  and facebook a few minutes later.

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